Our Educational Paradigm

Every professional musician remembers the many mentors, teachers, and inspirational moments that helped to shape the artist that he or she became. We believe that by taking an active role in music education, that we are helping to share those inspirational memories and knowledge with the next generation of musicians. The many benefits of music education on test scores and mental development are well documented, but perhaps most important is the feeling of empowerment and creative pride that music performance imparts.
We partner with public schools and arts organizations, and work with educators to create engaging seminars geared to enhance the curricula of the individual teacher. Our educational paradigm always stresses the goal of “preparing for the concert,” and uses the goal of the performance as a helpful frame over which to prepare lessons on music preparation, performance anxiety, and other topics.

ACES Educational Center for the Arts

At this school, a panel of Delphi musicians presented a lecture / concert event. Following some music by Myslivicek, students had the opportunity to ask all kinds of questions about music and life as a musician. Following the Q&A session, a short video demonstration was shown in order to show the benefits of live streaming concerts, and how best to develop a strong online media presence. 

Betsy Ross Arts Magnet School

The theme for the afternoon event at Betsey Ross was one of collaboration and “side by side” performance. Delphi musicians participated in the full school band rehearsal, working with students on an individual basis on the challenges involved in all of their parts and demonstrating when necessary.